Location Shots for Productions Made Easy

Exterior shots filmed by camera crews are the best way to take the audience places while they watch and still enjoy the cost-effectiveness of shooting action on a sound stage. Production managers and crews do not have to travel to those locations to get perfect shots. A crew working with an experienced agency can be assigned to get the desired shots in the format needed at a fraction of the cost of travel.

Local Crews

Hiring local professional camera crews to film exteriors of a city, a landmark, or infamous scenery is fast, easy, and inexpensive. Experienced crews that are local know all the ins and outs of where and when to get the scenery needed to fit the plot. If characters are supposed to be in Beijing, for example, a crew in Beijing will be assembled to film the city skyline, the lights of the city at night, or iconic places that will transport the action to the city while dialogue and circumstances are played out on a sound stage.

This eliminates travel costs and time without compromising quality. Supervisors, such as directors of photography, cinematography, or sound have at least ten years of experience in the field. All new projects are assigned a production manager to assemble the crew with appropriate experience and specialties, communicate with the client every step of the process, and ensure work arrives on time. There are local crews in all major cities and regions around the globe.

Other Services

In addition to crews, on-camera talent, focus groups, people to interview, and still photography are offered as well. This is ideal for global product launches, printed advertisements, filming of blind taste tests, and reactions from movie audiences leaving the theater. Any project or production that requires a national or global feel to it can be completed easily while remaining in budget. Call or visit the website for details regarding services, credentials of employees, and free quotes.

Employment Opportunities

Professionals in the field who wish to work locally, want to work with talented people, and prefer to stay close to home, will find employment requirements on the website. Send in a resume, fill out an online application, or call the office in the area to discover what possibilities await you.